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Tautai Fale-ship Home Residencies Artists Announced

Sani has been chosen for the inaugural Tautai Fale-Ship, home residency 2020. He will share his art practise as response to COVID 19.  In the shadow of the pandemic expect an excursion into the intimacies of preparing performance, writing a script and creating an opera in a carpark. 

Tautai is an organisation dedicated to the development and ongoing support of Pacific arts and artists.

Natasha Ratuva | Tui Emma Gillies & Sulieti Fieme’a Burrows | Iata Peautolu | Elisabeth Kumaran | Lyncia Muller | Sani Muliaumaseali’i | Keva Rands | Jaimie Waititi | Chris Van Doren | Jasmine Tuia | Tuafale Tanoai | Melissa Gilbert | Salvador Brown | Christopher Ulutupu | Fa’amele Etuale | Rawiri Brown | Tyla Vaeau | Michael Mulipola | Ashleigh Taupaki | John Ioane

Moana artists make some of their best work at home; at the kitchen table, in living rooms surrounded by family, in bedrooms and garages, in home studios where we feel safe and connected to those around us. We are constantly creating and thinking of new ideas, informed by the people and places that give life to our creativity.



How do you maintain your south seas freshness in the pretentious potpourri  of the London  arts world?  Mostly fantasy and mostly autobiographical, the Cabaret Frangipani journey will leave you - and your  olfactory lobes  - changed forever. Prepare for original songs smacked with banter burlesque,  Bassey like belting, opera - of course - and stuff you wouldn't dare sniff at.

'music that thought'   

A  FUN NEW SHOW coming to a venue near you.  Join our MAILING LIST  to learn  when and where Cabaret Frangipani will next be...

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