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Dear Concert Radio

I’m very much enjoying Siliga Sani Muliaumaseali’i’s presentation of the morning music. What lovely light touches of commentary, unlaboured occasional insights previously unthought-of by me and, if we’re lucky, jokey connections made between the pieces. It makes my day. And not least, I really appreciate his accurate pronunciation of European names & titles.How lucky we are to have him, even if he doesn’t sing!



Siliga Sani Sunrise

From Dinner Jacket to DJ

Vocalising in another way 


Sani is now RNZ Concerts breakfast host. Siliga Sani Sunrise - (Siliga his chief title

From Samoa) is on Monday- Thursday 6-10am.

Sani will be sharing great music and interesting stuff about the composers too.

‘ the reality of being the first Pasefika person - Samoan- to present on concert radio is setting in- slowly!’ He continues’ I was the first Samoan opera singer in the world! - to my knowledge with the NZ Opera as a boy soloist in 1980 - and I’ve continued in the field ever since’ 

Sani spent three decades away from AotearoaNZ in that time Sani sang with companies such as Royal opera house Covent Garden, Dutch National opera 

‘ I learned by working with and watching the best’ 

Sani is also the progenitor of London and the Uks first Samoan arts entity The GAFA ARTS COLLECTIVE (2012). 

As creative director and producer Sani  led ambitious works such as ‘RINGAFA’ Wagners entire Ring cycle (2021) and provocative pieces such as his play ‘The third Country’ (2016) about Australia’s stop the boats policy which he developed with The Royal Court. 

A trail blazer as a writer producer compose 

‘ I’ve learnt a lot of things in my time in the Theatre world. On RNZ Concert I will not only share great music but also my experiences and expertise, so when they tune in audiences will receive 

A well rounded and full listening experience which will compel then to  stay a while’


‘Siliga Sani Sunrise’




Monday- Thursday

'Hello, I am saddened that today is your last day as a broadcaster on concert.

I have enjoyed waking up to your cheerful voice.  You definitely bring sunshine into our lives. Thank you for all you have done.

I wish you great success in your new venture.  I am sure you will continue to bring sunshine and pleasure into peoples lives.

God bless you richly.

Jeanette ( an elderly widow)'



I will so miss Siliga Sani. I turn on Concert just to be with him. I really enjoy his warmth, his very human response to composers and their trials, and his humor. I feel in such good hands when listening to him. 

I really welcome his Pacific community oriented perspective.

I am really hoping that his replacement has as much offer.

I also have my fingers crossed that he will return some time in the future.

My very best wishes and thanks to him.

Christine '


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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